Hi this is thetravellingmonk,

A,digital nomad  and a travel blogger since 2019. thetravellingmonk is a travel blog. It is all about inspiring you to travel more and help you plan your trips.

From super budget travels to luxurious ones, let the adventures begin!

This blog serves as a platform for me to share my experiences and knowledge that I’ve gathered over the course of 2 years of continuous travel to help you in your personal journey as well. Check out some of these blog posts to find answers to common questions:

  • How I Accidentally Ended Up Travelling The World For Over a Years
  • How To Make Money And Travel The World As A Digital Nomad
  • What A Regular Day Looks Like As A Travelling Digital Nomad
  • Solo Travel: Why I Prefer To Travel Alone 80% Of The Time.

My aim is to portray real life, as opposed to an idealized version of what travelling is. I want to relate to the regular person who can’t afford to stay in five star resorts all the time. 

…. And more! Here you’ll find many articles on destinations that I’ve been to, travel advice, and personal introspection.